Women in STEM

The University of Arizona is deeply committed to bringing more women into the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Traditionally labeled the "STEM" fields, we now add "the arts" as part of the vision, to include the elements of creativity that drive innovation and prepare students for future careers.

UARIZONA President Robbins at Women in STEM 2020

Arizona Global - Mexico Initiatives - Women in STEM

One of our missions at UArizona Mexico Initiatives is to Amplify the Voices of Women in STEM fields and to cultivate a strong network of support, research, and opportunities at all levels of higher education. Our annual Women in STEM seminars have grown in the past few years, and include students at undergraduate and graduate levels from universities throughout Mexico who are invited to participate. Over the course of the seminar, participants learn research and writing strategies, and develop leadership skills that will prepare them for success in their future and in their careers of choice.

We believe that giving women equal opportunities to learn and thrive in STEM careers enhances women's economic security, narrowing the gender pay gap and preventing biases in the field. These diverse and talented young women are creating the products and services of the future, and are solving the challenges that we face.

Every year, we invite attendance through our partner institutions in Mexico. We have welcomed students from Sonora, Chihuahua, and Mexico City, and the range of participants grows every year.

The women who attend these seminars are cultivating a network of colleges, research opportunities, and supportive colleagues who will support and drive their studies and their work. Participants are empowered through mentorship and valuable training, and are presented with a certificate upon completion.

For questions and more information about Women in STEM annual seminars, please contact Lissette Calderon.