The University of Arizona in Mexico

Building upon a long history of collaboration, together Mexico and Arizona will find the solutions to the grand challenges that face our shared region in the XXI Century.

It has been said that geography is destiny, and from its inception in 1885 the University of Arizona has always sought opportunities to partner with our neighbors in Mexico to learn together how to better use the resources of our shared Sonoran Desert and to look beyond borders to the real frontiers of the arts, sciences, humanities and medicine to create a better future for the people of our transnational region.

Through the decades, the University of Arizona has brought the potential of its people and resources to bear on the most difficult challenges facing the communities of the Sonoran Desert in trusted partnership with higher education and research institutions, government, and business in industry in Mexico, and that commitment remains stronger than ever.

As the students of today from Arizona, Mexico and beyond develop the knowledge at the University of Arizona needed to excel and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many of them will also contribute to a better future in our transborder region through scholarship, research and service in disciplines that impact the quality of life of people in Arizona and Mexico.


Broad, inclusive interdisciplinary partnerships with Mexico searching for shared solutions to shared challenges. 

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