Border Issues

The United States Mexico International Border Wall Near El Paso Texas and Juarez Chihuahua

Does the Environmental Impact of the Border Wall Mean Loss of Biodiversity?

The 2,000-mile stretch of land that divides Mexico from the U.S. is rich in native species. But what happens when their range is disrupted? Here’s a look at the impact barrier-creation has had thus far.

Migrants crossing the Suchiate River on the Mexico-Guatemala border

How Covid-19 Has Impacted the Asylum Crisis

On the heels of 2019's supplementary agreement that ended in the asylum crisis being outsourced to Mexico, hearings were pushed back due to coronavirus. UA researchers weigh in on the ramifications. 

A street full of storefronts and pedestrians in downtown Nogales, Mexico.

How the Mexican Economic Plan Aims to Reduce Migration to the US

While President Trump remains steadfast in his plan to build a wall along the border, his Mexican counterpart is rolling out economic initiatives to help reduce the need for emigration in the first place.

The main entrance to The National Palace or Palacio Nacional in Mexico City.

Will Mexico's President Usher in an Era of Austerity?

As the fight over immigration rages in Washington, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been on a mission to disrupt the status quo. Here's what to expect from his time in office.

Aerial view of the border wall stretching through the desert.

A Brief Legislative History of the Last 50 Years on the U.S.-Mexico Border

It has been a humanitarian challenge for years, but now, the rapidly shifting policies of the Trump administration have once again put the border front and center. Discover how past presidents approached the issue in this decade-by-decade timeline.

Border Issues

Take an in-depth look at UArizona research in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.