Science & Engineering

Migrants building shelters made of trash in a canal near the border line between the U.S. and Mexico.

In Search of Solutions: Protecting Human Rights through Research

Researchers on both sides of the border are committed to conducting data-based social science research to safeguard human rights and human security. A new binational Consortium could help.

Tucson skyline cityscape and Santa Catalina Mountains at sunset.

Fostering Tech Innovation Through Cross-Border Collaboration

International partnerships help position the Arizona-Sonora region as a tech hub.

Laboratory image of a multichannel pipette injecting liquid into a microtiter plate.

Breaking the Cycle of the Anti-Venom Shortage

UArizona researchers are part of a cross-border effort to develop new treatments for envenomation.

Aerial view of the U.S. and Mexico border.

Climate Collaboration on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Teams on both sides of the border are fostering binational solutions to address climate change in the Southwest.

Rows of solar panels in the desert.

Mexico’s Renewable Energy Future

The possibilities for solar, which is under-utilized in Mexico, have started to shine brighter.