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A man examines a table full of guns.

Arms Trafficking Between the U.S. and Mexico

An examination of this complex issue — and why it often gets lost in the ongoing border debates.

A plaza in Mexico City.

An Overview of the U.S.-Mexico Relationship in 2021 and Beyond

Trade and worker protections, COVID-19 safety and suppression, and border security and migrant rights are all key issues the U.S. and Mexico must tackle in order to maintain a strong partnership in years to come.

A view of three men walking near the border fence.

What Drives People to Emigrate?

A research team at the University of Arizona is using a novel way to investigate the driving forces behind Central America emigration through Mexico and into the United States: natural language processing and machine learning.

Aerial view of a river near the US-Mexico border.

Land and Water Dispossession in Sonora: The Guarijío and the Los Pilares Dam

Efforts from researchers on both sides of the border shed light on the impacts of a dam project on the Mayo River, particularly on the Guarijío indigenous people.

A woman in a mask and a hard hat works on a tablet.

Mexican Manufacturing in the Time of Pandemic

When Covid-19 hit, the Trump administration pressured Mexico to keep factories that supply the United States operating during the coronavirus pandemic, even as outbreaks swept the companies, highlighting the nations' unique relationship.

A group of Central American migrants walking along a train track.

The Waiting Game: How America’s New Limits on Refugees Are Affecting Migration

UArizona researchers explore how new policies for asylum seekers are straining relations between the United States and Mexico.