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A man examines a table full of guns.

Arms Trafficking Between the U.S. and Mexico

An examination of this complex issue — and why it often gets lost in the ongoing border debates.

A plaza in Mexico City.

An Overview of the U.S.-Mexico Relationship in 2021 and Beyond

Trade and worker protections, COVID-19 safety and suppression, and border security and migrant rights are all key issues the U.S. and Mexico must tackle in order to maintain a strong partnership in years to come.

A view of three men walking near the border fence.

What Drives People to Emigrate?

A research team at the University of Arizona is using a novel way to investigate the driving forces behind Central America emigration through Mexico and into the United States: natural language processing and machine learning.

Aerial view of a river near the US-Mexico border.

Land and Water Dispossession in Sonora: The Guarijío and the Los Pilares Dam

Efforts from researchers on both sides of the border shed light on the impacts of a dam project on the Mayo River, particularly on the Guarijío indigenous people.

A woman in a mask and a hard hat works on a tablet.

Mexican Manufacturing in the Time of Pandemic

When Covid-19 hit, the Trump administration pressured Mexico to keep factories that supply the United States operating during the coronavirus pandemic, even as outbreaks swept the companies, highlighting the nations' unique relationship.

A line of semi-trucks on the highway driving towards the border from the U.S. to Mexico.

Deciphering the USMCA

As USMCA ratification approaches, and NAFTA is replaced, UArizona researchers provide insight into what this means for US-Mexico relations.