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The United States Mexico International Border Wall Near El Paso Texas and Juarez Chihuahua

Does the Environmental Impact of the Border Wall Mean Loss of Biodiversity?

The 2,000-mile stretch of land that divides Mexico from the U.S. is rich in native species. But what happens when their range is disrupted? Here’s a look at the impact barrier-creation has had thus far.

The sun is illuminating the upper reaches of the Santa Rita Mountains in Madera Canyon in southeast Arizona. Afternoon clouds have formed over the peaks.

Restoring Plant and Animal Communities in the Borderlands

Along the U.S.-Mexico border, a team of scientists and volunteers is committed to rebuilding flourishing plant and animal communities through a network of collaboration.

Aerial view of a river near the US-Mexico border.

Land and Water Dispossession in Sonora: The Guarijío and the Los Pilares Dam

Efforts from researchers on both sides of the border shed light on the impacts of a dam project on the Mayo River, particularly on the Guarijío indigenous people.

Aerial view of the U.S. and Mexico border.

Climate Collaboration on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Teams on both sides of the border are fostering binational solutions to address climate change in the Southwest.

Rows of solar panels in the desert.

Mexico’s Renewable Energy Future

The possibilities for solar, which is under-utilized in Mexico, have started to shine brighter.