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Mayan ruins

What Mayan Monuments Tell Us About Human Potential

In 2017, an international team led by Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan, professors in the University of Arizona School of Anthropology in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, discovered this Maya ceremonial complex known as Aguada Fénix.

A collage of black and white images featuring Indigenous communities

A Conversation with Photographer David Burckhalter

We sat down with photographer and research associate in the Southwest Center, David Burckhalter to discuss his long-range documentary study of Seri Indians.

Interior and exterior of a small library

Library in Guanajuato Opens Up Worlds

In an effort to promote economic development through education, UArizona scholars are making literacy more accessible binationally.

People watching a film in a movie theater.

On Film: Discovering Mexican Cinema’s New Golden Age

The Mexican film industry is flourishing, but most of the world is missing it. Here’s a look at the leading directors, actors and screenwriters who are behind the country's cinema rebirth.

A stack of colorful books in a library.

Reading Across Cultures

Gaining knowledge of the world and embracing cultural diversity has become a necessity, not a luxury. Is a globalized reading list—part of the Worlds of Words program—the key to building cultural bridges?

A still from Alfonso Cuarón's film, Roma, featuring two of the characters laying on a slab of concrete.

Discovering Mexico City Through Film

Set in Mexico City, Alfonso Cuarón's Roma raises important questions about class, race and the aspirations of a developing nation. Discover a catalogue of other films that have showcased life in the capital.